Deadlines, timelines, queue lines… our modern lifestyle appears to be filled with lines of all sorts, lines that can get between you and your special someone. So how do you manage to make time for your loved one and keep the romance alive? Taking off on a romantic getaway can be the ideal solution to relax, have fun and grow closer!

The first step is to find the right destination: if both of you are not happy with the setting for the getaway, the whole experience can be a dampener.

Here’s a list of 4 different options you can choose from, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Have fun, travel safe, and keep your romance alive!


If you love getaways that take you far from the concrete jungle, you can jump onto your favorite mode of transport and burn some rubber. Checking out nature’s bounty on the move can be quite a romantic experience. Get online, check out interesting destinations, and get that motor started!


If your idea of fun is a walk around the woods? Then a leisurely hike may be just the romantic getaway you are looking for. You have almost unlimited choices, from jungle trails to mountainous paths. Long walks, beautiful nature, lazy evenings under the stars… this could be just the boost your romance requires.


Beaches remain one of the most romantic getaways you can think of – the warm sand, refreshing waters, and laid-back attitude can do wonders for you and your relationship. Spending long hours next to the calm of the sea can sooth away those urban blues and put you both in the mood for romance! So find yourself the right seaside, slip into something oh-so-comfortable, grab a cool drink and unwind.


Some of us need that extra boost of adrenalin to enjoy life. If you are more at home dangling from a cliff than chilling on a bean bag, an adventure-sports theme getaway could be your choice. You have a wide choice of extreme getaway activities, from rappelling to bungee jumping to windsurfing. Just find the time, make a booking, and let your wild side show.

One final word of advice: remember that a romantic getaway is also about spending time with your loved one, so try not to cram your itinerary!


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