Useful Resources

A compilation of useful resources and ready-reckoners. The list includes infographics, lists (top bloggers, top books on digital), statistics and tips.

  • Quick Tips & Tricks

    Quick Tips & Tricks

    This section is probably the most handy to anyone who wants to simplify or enhance their digital life. Seen here is a compilation of quick tips and tricks that benefit both businesses and individuals.

  • Top Books on Digital

    Top Books on Digital

    This section lists critically acclaimed selection of books related to digital, e-commerce, internet and technology that are an essential read, selected after much consideration. Along with the book there is also a link provided to buy the book from either Amazon or Flipkart.

  • India Internet Statistics

    India Internet Statistics

    This section contains a quick snapshot of current Internet usage, penetration, Internet speed in India. The article also presents some of the challenges faced and potential for growth.

  • Google Search Algorithm Changes- A History of Updates

    Google Search Algorithm - a Timeline of Changes

    The evolution of Google is very important to understand not just the progress but also the implications that subsequently affect website rankings across the world. This article (regularly updated) offers a history of updates to the Google algorithm that highlights important changes and milestones.

  • Popular Display Ad Formats

    Different Ad Formats

    Display advertising is one of the most visible and distributed form of online advertising and relies on the power of visual to communicate the message. This section is a useful compilation of display ad formats popular with advertisers and publishers.