About IndianEye.org

An overview of the blog IndianEye.org, the offerings and its legacy.

IndianEye.org is a blog that presents news, views and reviews on digital. This includes perspectives on social media, e-commerce, Internet and technology trends. The blog was conceived by Arun Nair, a veteran digital marketer and technologist.

The content in this blog is aimed at digital professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers, or anybody with an academic interest in digital or technology trends. Besides the regular set of articles, there are useful resources and ready reckoners (updated regularly) that are of immense help and can be used as a source of reference.

IndianEye.org has evolved over the years. What started as a simple Wordpress based blog with random musings and observations on digital has grown into a comprehensive resource for digital enthusiasts. Here are the variations of the blog along the way ...

Version 3.0 (latest): Complete revamp of the website. A cleaner, more elegant design coupled with a transition from Wordpress CMS to a custom built static blog-aware system (similar to Jekyll). This was primarily done to improve loading speed and concurrent connections. The new implementation is also a more secure option in comparison with Wordpress which is still burdened with security issues. The blog also features useful resources (ready reckoners, infographics, statistics) and quick tips.

Version 2.0: Focused approach to blogging, moving from a regular series of observations to an informative, data-driven approach. The new approach was a hit with the audience as it offered a unique perspective drawing from the author's experience. Moved away from regular Wordpress layouts to a news portal themed layout that rendered a professional appearance. Better social media integration across the site to increase shareability.

Version 1.0: The website made its debut in 2007, initially hosted at Wordpress.com and then moved to its own domain (IndianEye.org) with Wordpress implementation.

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